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I have been through some personal wars too!

But the day that I decided to SHOW UP FOR MYSELF, instead of self-sabotaging and procrastinating,

I become my most FREE self.

I have been most influenced by my spirituality, intuition, and natural ability to heal through touch and coaching.

Once I owned my natural healing abilities, I became intentional.

When I learned how to sit in my pain, I learned how to move through it.

I discovered Life Coaching while pursuing my degree in psychology.

Coaching was the most natural path for me because it’s hands-on.

I believe in therapy 100%, but I am not a therapist. I am a Certified Sex Educator, Love, Relationship, & Dating Coach, and Aging, Death & Dying Doula.


I always hear “Coaches need a niche”, but I call BULLSHIT on that!

I am not a brand, I am a person.

I am going to use ALL of my SUPERPOWERS to help you find yours! 

My coaching is holistic and whole-person centered.

I have many specialties, because I have had many personal and professional experiences and training. 

We are born, then we die and my coaching is everything in between-parenting, emotional support, career change, Relationship/imtimacy/Dating, Aging loved one,  End of life coaching and support. My speciliaty is SUPPORTING YOU!


I am a professional dancer.

I have always believed in touch being an important component to healing.

So naturally, touch and movement can be incorporated in my coaching sessions. 

I have also developed  workshops

Dancing for Dementia, which are movement classes for caretakers and loved ones with dementia


H.I.M. Healing Intimacy Movement, which are workshops for singles and couples who may be rebuilding, rekindling, and or healing intimacy disconnections.

I encourage you to reach out with your story and any questions that you may have


M E 

365 Words For My 365 Days


365 Days ago I was CRYING in the shower.

I couldn’t believe that it was another year of heartaches-a breast cancer scare, meniscus tear, my sick aging mama, a painful break up, son battling depression, high blood pressure, professional disenchantment.

I had spent most of my life making sure that EVERYONE ELSE was okay. I was a successful coach while my life was a shit show.  I cried painful tears. I knew that I had to Show Up For Myself, BUT I was scared shitless. I was SPRINKLING my black girl magic but inside I was going black girl crazy. I was a complete fraud, living a life of SELF-SABOTAGING and PROCRASTINATION.

 I walked into the living room and brought in New Year’s 2019, the same way that I had for the last 23 years-with my kids. Later that night I prayed. I thanked God for cushioning my shitshow of a year with hugs, support, and love…without condition. Next, I dedicated the next 365 Days to HEALING. I dedicated each day to some form of self-preservation-deep prayers, meditation, long baths, dancing, leisure reading, writing, and orgasms (yes, I said it!). I fell in and out of love, traveled, worked out, I left one of the most toxic work environments, I met a family that changed my life AND

I wrote a book. That’s right-I wrote a fucking book! 

So, here I am 365 days later showing you what it looks like to Show Up For Yourself

They say that healthy habits can be developed in 21 days. My opinion? If you have unhealthy habits, it may take 21 days to start new habits, but it takes longer to maintain those healthier habits. 

I encourage you to dedicate 365 Days to YOURSELF.

Join me for monthly intimacy workshops, coaching sessions, and movement workshops for healing, grief, sex and intimacy building, stretching & agility, and dance movement.

I believe in the whole-person, whole-life centered approach to coaching-Emotional, Mental, Sexual, Spiritual, Professional, Aging, and Physical steadiness.


Coaching is a beautiful exchange where I can channel all my passion FOR PEOPLE, experiences, natural intuition, and education to serve you. 







-My most important daily habit is praying and giving hugs. 


-Superpower-empathy, intuition, touch, sensuality


-I am so silly


-Self Soothers-peppermint oil, prayer/mindfulness, yoga with Adriene, romance novel reading, deep kissing


-Unique talent-I can use my feet like my hands (picking up things, carrying and opening doors)


-I was a professional dancer for LA WNBA Sparks


-I loved reading the dictionary and encyclopedia as a child


-I have ADHD

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