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"Syreeta Brown has been an asset to Major Impact Theater!  Syreeta has helped with building self-confidence and a YES I CAN ATTITUDE! Our actors are so fortunate to have Syreeta on our team!

-Shawnda Davis, Co-Founder Major Impact Theater (MIT)



"Syreeta has helped my husband and me immensely. We signed up for her couples Coaching and Premarital Coaching, and we are so happy that we did! She helped us work through personal problems with each other and individually. After we finished the coaching sessions she honored us by officiating our wedding.

We are thrilled to have someone that knew us and helped us get to the altar, perform our ceremony, and continues to provide intimacy coaching as needed. She has taught us the importance of listening and understanding one another. Her knowledge and guidance have allowed us to have a successfully intimate relationship and healthy marriage."-The Downies




"In my first session with Coach Syreeta, she gave me more information in the first 15 minutes than a whole college semester in four months. Syreeta is a wealth of knowledge in many areas and had an organized plan for me to follow. She went over intentions and helped us set goals. She follows through with texts, emails, and/or phone calls. She stays in constant communication for a positive flow of energy toward a positive end result.-Ceil Miller, Educator



"Syreeta helped me with my engagement proposal. I knew that I wanted it to be special and I thought a flash mob would be perfect. Syreeta helped me come up with a theme, staging, and costumes for dancers. She choreographed the entire flash mob, which included sign language. I was not comfortable dancing but Syreeta taught me movements that were easy to follow. She was extremely helpful in helping me relax my mind so that my body could naturally flow with the movements. I looked like I could dance! Everyone always asks who choreographed my beautiful proposal. Syreeta did!"-J. Jones



"Syreeta Brown was instrumental in transitioning me from a job I didn’t look forward to, to finding a career in my chosen field. Now I look forward to going to work every day.  Syreeta helped me to tailor my resume, directed me to the proper job sites, and helped coach me for my interviews.  Syreeta has done the same for many people.  The skills she teaches are not only helpful in the moment; they are skills that are necessary for a lifetime.

Syreeta is masterful at using an individualized approach for her clients, as well as getting results.  I have and would recommend her services to anyone that thinks changing careers is impossible. I was scared because of my age and lack of experience. Syreeta's coaching empowered me which propelled me forward in my professional goals. Thank you Coach!"-B.J., Addiction Specialist



"Syreeta helped me through a difficult time in my life. I was overwhelmed by circumstances and was struggling with unhealthy mindsets.

During this time she worked with me and guided me to realize where I was in life and to understand why I was so unhappy only then I could visualize what I wanted my happy life to be. She was key in the process of changing my life and in that process changed me for the better.

Some of the things she coached me through were;

  • To realize why I was so unhappy-what I needed to stop doing and what I needed to start doing in order to change that.

  • To search and reset unhealthy mindsets that I had within my family dynamics that were getting in the way of a healthy happy life

  • To strategize and to develop tools and resources to manage and cope with the difficult tasks in my life that I couldn’t change and were not going to change.


If it wasn’t for Syreeta’s coaching I wouldn’t be living a happier life like I am now. I feel more confident now to tackle everyday life and free of unnecessary baggage. I encourage anyone that knows they are not living the life they want to get coaching from Syreeta, I am so grateful to her and now call her my friend." 

-MJ Garcia

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